Welcome to BITNET – CCSS gateway
Emerging technology applications for global networks


Notice concerning the content and updates of this site

  1. Bitnet.info is the international gateway to resources made available by people involved in our projects. Actually, these resources cover the following areas: research projects mostly performed at BITNET facilities in Romania and some of the services offered by our international software and satellite telecom units on a teleworking basis.
  2. The site is under construction and new resources will be added..
  3. Bitnet.info is connected to several international sites related to BITNET activities, which have their content in Romanian only. Generally, some cover pages in English are or will be made available as soon as possible.
  4. Some freeware data network applications and demos which are made available through bitnet.info might have broken links from time to time. This is due to the very large area coverage of the involved data nets (many applications involve hundreds of servers in Europe and USA). Broken links are telecom or local data servers related problems and we couldn’t solve them.

So, please come back from time to time!

December, 2003